‘Thank you to Bev for helping us find our forever home’

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My name is Patrick Leckey, and my wife Corrie and I just purchased a beautiful home with the assistance and guidance of Bev Holipski. If you work with Bev, then you already know the kind of special that she is. I think the best way to categorize my personal experience with Bev would be to say that in hindsight, after the fact, I would never have picked a different agent or changed a thing. In fact, I would buy the place all over again just to hang out with her some more. This is kind of a long story, so buckle your seatbelts.

We met Bev for the first time as the listing agent on a property in Athens that had so many things that we wanted: a tree lined driveway, a moderate amount of acreage, and good square footage in the house. When we pulled up to the house, my wife and I were full of hope and optimism! As the dream house optimism waned and the reality of the someone else’s fixer upper dawned, it would have been easy to allow negativity to creep in, but not with Bev. She scooped us up off the metaphorical floor and declared herself our real estate agent. Up until this point we were in the house hunt by ourselves, and I was not completely sure I wanted to have an agent. If I had wanted one, there are two at my church and a relative of a work acquaintance that I had to choose from. There was something different about Bev though. She meshed with our family so well, she paid attention to what we wanted in a house and a property, and funneled our efforts towards those locations. She was always working for us, I could send her listings and ideas, and she would give constructive feedback and was very open and transparent about the process. In August, we found what we thought would be our dream home.

When we drove up to this house on the outskirts of Athens, Corrie and I looked at each other and we knew that we wanted this place. It was a big house, with space to grow and raise our family. We visited and perused the place a couple times, and then made an offer, which was countered a couple times, and then we were under contract! Such an exciting time! Bev kept us on schedule with our inspections and paperwork, and I could tell that she was excited for us! Over the time we had already spent together, my kids had really taken to her, and her to them as well. Unfortunately, that house ended up not being the one for us. We felt bad, not only because we had to walk away from a house we loved, but because Bev had put so much effort into making this experience a great one. She never wavered, though, and kept sending us listings and getting us back out on the market.

After two more houses, we finally got “The One.” This home was perfect, and it had everything! We had seen the property before, but it was listed out of our price range. The property was dropped into our price range and we jumped at the chance. Everything went really fast, and our offer was accepted! Bev walked us through the inspections and paperwork, just as before, and she had recommended a lender to work with, and he was great as well. Really the whole process went great, and Bev was everything we could have asked for and more. Not only as a real estate agent, but as a great friend! Thank you to Bev for helping us find our forever home, if we ever do need to sell or are in the market for additional property, I know who our real estate agent still is, and that is Bev Holipski!

Patrick Leckey